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List of Ph.D. Theses supervised by Professor R. K. Kohli (as major guide)


S#  Name                        Year    Title of the Thesis


1. Kushal Bala                         1987        Physiological and biochemical aspects of teletoxicity and eradication of Lantana camara

2. Anita Kumari                        1988        Physiological and biochemical aspects of allelopathy of Parthenium hysterophorus L.and role of herbicide towards its eradication

3. Daizy Rani                           1990        Phytotoxic properties of Parthenium hysterophorus L.

4. Rajinder Kumar                   1991        Studies on Autotoxicity in Lantana camara L. 

5. Daljit Singh                          1991        Phytotoxic properties of Eucalyptus with special reference to the role of its volatile components.

6.  *Krishan Singh                    1991        Weed Management through Allelopathy

7. Ravinder Sachdeva             1992        Allelopathic influence of Lantana camara L. on herbaceous plants.

8. Pariana                                1992        Allelopathic properties of Sunflower.

9. Harminder Pal Singh           1995        Phytotoxic effect of Populus in Natural and Agroecosystems.

10.Rajesh Jalota                      1997        Comparison of Eco-Physiological Functions of Monoculture Plantations of Exotic (Eucalyptus L Herit.) to Indigenous tree species and Forest Ecosystems in Semi-Arid Zone.

11.  Puneet Kalia                     1998        Ageratum conyzoides caused threat to Plant Diversity 

12. Vandana Arora                  1999       Comparative Assessment of eco-physiological functions between Ageratum conyzoides and Parthenium hysterophorus L. 

13.  **Kamal Sangha               1999        Bio-Economics of Eucalyptus tereticornis (an exotic) and Dalbergia sissoo (native tree) Plantations

14. Sunit Kumar Gupta            2000        Phytotoxic interaction among Exotic and Indigenous Multipurpose Trees and Crops

16. ***Neelam Khan                2002        Metabolic drifts during seed germination and subsequent growth in Pisumsativum L and Cajanus cajan (L.) Huth

15    Aruna Saini                      2003        Eco-Physiological Studies on the Dominant Trees of Panjab University Campus

17   Ajay Sehgal                      2003        Impact of Engineering Interventions on Soil Management taking Vegetational Analysis as the           Basic Indicator

18.  Hisam Ramazani (Iran)    2004        Fungicidal activity of Volatile oils from Eucalyptus citriodora Hook

19.  Jasvir Kaur Pandher         2004        Management of Parthenium hysterophorus residues and their impact on its interference potential

20   Shalinder Kaur                 2005        Phytotoxic Interference of Ageratum conyzoides with some crop plants

21   Supriya Vaid                     2005        Weed suppressing potential of some volatile terpenes

22. Nidhi Setia,                        2006        Herbicidal potential of volatile oils from Eucalyptus citriodora Hook.

23. Surender Yadav                2006        Ecological Status of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Haryana State

24. Kavita                                2006        Nature and Dynamics of Interference Potential of Lantana camara L. Var. Aculeata Moldenke

25. K. Lavanya                        2007        Allelopathic Interference of Chenopodium murale L with some Crop Plants

26. Kuldip S. Dogra                 2007        Impact of some invasive species on the structure and composition of natural vegetation of                 Himachal Pradesh”

27 Komal Arora                       2008        Allelopathic Potential of Volatile Essential oil from Tagetis minuta L

28. Sunil Mittal                         2009        Phytotoxic Properties of Essential oil from Artemisia scoparia Waldst.& Kit. and Its Possible Use as Bioherbicide

29. Parveen Dobhal                2009        Ecological Audit on of invasive weed Lantana camara L. along an altitudinal gradient in Pauri     Garhwal (Uttranchal)

30. Manpreet Kaur                  2009        Allelopathic Properties of Anisomemes indica (L) O. Kuntze Against some weeds

31. V.P.Sharma                       2010        Impact of Cell-phone Radiation on Early Growth and Development in Biological systems

32. Mukta Chum                      2011        Phytotoxic effect of 2-Benzoxazolinone and its Structurally Modified Derivatives

33. Gurpreet Kaur                   2011        Physiological and Biochemical Aspects of Lead Toxicity in Higher Plants

34. Nadia Chowhan                2012       Phytotoxicity of β-Pinene and Some Insights into Its Biochemical Mode of Action (Thesis submitted)

35. Esmaeil Hadidi (Iran)        2012       Determination of Phytotoxic Potential of Chenopodium ambrosioides L. and its Possible Use in Sustainable Weed Management

36. Savita Kumari                    2009       An Ecological and Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Trikuta Hills (District          Reasi, Jammu & Kashmir) and Evaluation of Their Free Radical Scavenging Properties

37 Amanpreet Kaur                 2014       Genetically modified Crops: Ecological and Legal Aspects of Indian Policy with Global Overview

38. Asha Kumari Negi             2014       Biochemical and Physiological Aspects of Nickel-Induced Toxicity In Higher Plants.

39. Priyanka Mahajan              2014.       Investigating the role of β-pinene In alleviating the Phytotoxic effect of Hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)

40. Sartaj Singh                       2015        Chemical Characterization and Antioxidant Activity of Some of the Widely Occurring Members of           Family Lamiaceae in Morni Hills (Panchkula)

41. Nitina Ahuja                       2015        An assessment of the herbicidal potential of Eugenol and some insights into its mode of action

42. Himangana Gupta             2015        Gaps and linkages between climate change and biodiversity conventions: Science Politics and Policy.

43. Jyoti                                    2015        Effect of Cell-phone Frequency Electromagnetic Radiations on early Development of Chick and Brain of Rat

44. Arvind Kumar                     2016        Impact of Cellphone (emf) Radiations on Plant Growth and Development (viva awaited)

45. Nidhi Sharma                    2016       Determination of Physiological and Biochemical Mode of action of L-DOPA (L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) a Natural Compound of Herbicidal Interest.

46. Nitina Ahuja                        2012        An assessment of the herbicidal potential of Eugenol and some insights into its mode of action

47. Surubhi Rana                    2012        investigating the ameliorating potential of two oxygenated monoterpenes against the phytotoxic                    effects of divalent cadmium CD (II)

48. Himangna Gupta               2012        Gaps and linkages between climate change and biodiversity conventions: Science Politics and Policy

    *   as a guide appointed by Meerut University, Meerut

 ** Thesis submitted but viva-voce yet to be held; delay is because the candidate has gone abroad 

***as a guide appointed by Punjabi University, Patiala 


  • Dr Agena A. Tanga, College Dean, Hawassa University from Ethiopia under prestigious CV Raman International Fellowship Programme of Govt. of India is working under the guidance 
  • Under the INSA-IAS-NASI joint programme of Govt. of India, 4 young scientists got research training in my lab. 


List of M. Phil Students Guided by Dr. R.K. Kohli


Sr#      Name                 Year                                    Title of Thesis

1. Kushal Bala                1982     Physiological and biochemical studies on seed dormancy and germination

2. Sunil K. Aggarwal     1982     Mechanism of Herbicidal action -Biochemical consideration

3. Anita Kumari              1982     Physiological and biochemical studies on seed dormancy and germination

4. Meenu Verma            1983     Biochemistry of herbicidal action in Amaranthus spinosus L.

5. Bimlendra Kumari     1984     Physiological and biochemical effects of herbicides on rooting of stem cuttings of                       Lantana camara L.

6. Nirmal K Spall K       1984      Physiological and biochemical studies on the effect of herbicides on floral initiation in                Lantana camara L. var. Hybrida Moldenke.

7. Indu Mahajan             1985     Allelopathic potential of Parthenium hysterophorus L. on the physiology and biochemistry of Vigna mungo seed germinability.

8.  Jasvir Kaur                1985     Allelopathic potential of Lantana camara L. var. aculeata moldenke on the physiology and biochemistry of Vigna Mungo seed germinability 

9.   Kamaljit Kaur           1986     Allelopathic effect of Eucalyptus globulus Labill extracts on seed germination.

10. Parveen Chaudhary 1986 Alleopathic potential of Eucalyptus globules Labill leaves.

11. Renu                         1987     Studies on the alleopathic properties of essential oils of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm.

12. Vanita                        1987     Studies on the allelopathic properties of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm. extracts on seed germination.

13. Daljit Singh              1988     Role of volatile components of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm. leaves toward allelopathic                   property of the tree

14. Seema Bedi             1989     Comparison of allelopathic potential of the root and shoot system of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm.

15. Narinder                   1989     Studies on Allelopathic potential of Helianthus annuus L.

16. Ashima                      1990     Allelopathic impact of sunflower on some crops.

17. Anupama Malhan    1990    Allelopathic potential of sunflower on Parthenium hysterophorus L

18. Rubinder Sandhu    1991    Allelopathic effects of sunflower on regional weeds.

19. Rishu                         1992     Allelopathic effect of sunflower on Amaranthus.

20. Roma Batra              1995     Studies on Biochemical Interactions among plants.

21  Monika Gupta          1996     Impact of Volatile and non-volatile allelochemics on Ageratum conyzoides L.

22.  Parnesh Pal Kaur   1998    Phytotoxic Properties of Artemisia scoparia

23. Puneet Kaur Brar    1999     Bioefficacy of Some Natural Plant Products

24. Jasvir Kaur               2000     Allelopathic Interference of Pinus roxburgii SARG

25  Anjana Kharwal      2002     Study of Phenology and Autecology of Bidens pilosa L.

26. Mr Anurag                2006     Ecological Status of Weeds of Panjab University Campus, Sector 14, Chandigarh

27 Ms. Mansi                  2008     Value Addition to Parthenium hysterophprus through Vermitechnology

28 Ms Nitina Ahuja        2009     Evaluation of Biochemical Mode of Action of Eugenol caused Root Inhibitory Effect

29.Ms Priyanka Monga 2012    Phytotoxic Effects Of Essential Oil of Pinus roxburghii (Sargent) (Result awaited)

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